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                                             Nancy E Hanna

Ms. Hanna is an experienced professional who thrives on solving complex, global business challenges. Having over 25 years of experience working with mult-national organizations, within various industry sectors around the world, she has develop a rich variety of diverse experiences to enable Strategic and Technical solutions.

Throughout her career, Ms. Hanna has contributed to the development of a variety of product innovations which have impacted the way people live their lives. Products such as smart cards to enable on-line and mobile banking, partnered with industry leaders to establish global standards within the Financial Services and High Tech sectors.

Ms. Hanna has lead complex global programs and diverse teams. She has lead several complex programs and M&A efforts managing all aspects of political, technical and organizational aspects to ensure successful integration and sustainability.

She has contributed to the future development of the Digital Health IT and Telemedicine industry by creating new business opportunities, Spearheading Health & Wellness strategies based on consumer demand and emerging technologies successfully developed integrated ecosystems. Linking the pharmcy network, hospitals, doctors and other providers, while giving the patients more control over their medical treatment.

Prior to consulting, Ms. Hanna was a VP of Emerging Products at Visa International, where she spearheaded the introduction, development and successful implementation of the first generation smart card products resulting in mobile banking, virtual digital wallet, internet security, digital medicine, amongst other solutions across various industry sectors, brining together industry competitors to establish ECBS / ISO standards, governing entities enabling global solutions.  As Director of Corporate Strategy Ms. Hanna helped to redefine Visa's industry direction. Ms. Hanna served as a Corporate officer at Citibank responsible for national Credit Card Portfolio and the management of strategic alliances.

Representing the US Government, Ms. Hanna has served as a Senior Advisor to several Ministry Officials and Executives within the developing world, to enable economic development through effective utilization of technology. 

Ms. Hanna's credentials include an MBA from Pepperdine University and post graduate certification from Cornell University.

She has never forgotten her roots. Ms. Hanna spends much time as a volunteer youth leader, providing coaching and mentoring to young people. She also works with the elderly and new immigrants to help them integrate into society, proving guidance in career development and entrepreunerialship.

Her ProBono consulting includes leadership development and coaching for entrepreneurs and non -profit organizations to help them establish their business. Ms. Hanna also manages Fund Raising efforts for non-profit organizations, brining people and communities together for a common purpose. She volunteers with a varity of organizations bringing support to developing countries.

In her spare time, Ms. Hanna often spends time taking long walks along the beach, she enjoys listening to classical music and traveling around the globe, meeting new people and learning about different cultures.

Having recently moved to Switzerland, she is enjoying learning German and integrating with the local culture.